ISSS organizers visited Transcarpathian region in Ukraine as part of international cooperation

, Česky

On 21–23 August 2023, representatives of the organizing team of the ISSS conference took part as guests of the Vysočina Region in a representative trip to Uzhhorod and its surroundings. The visit to the Transcarpathian region took place within the framework of the regional partnership between the Vysočina Region, the Statutory City of Jihlava and the Transcarpathian region.

“The Vysočina Region, a traditional co-organizer of the ISSS conference, is also a long-standing partner of the Ukrainian Transcarpathian Region and this year, thanks to this, we were able to welcome the chairman of its self-governing council, Mr. Vladimir Čubirko,” says Vojtěch Dvořáček, program director of the ISSS conference and participant of the representative trip.

The reciprocal visit included, among other things, a discussion on the further development of cooperation within the framework of the organizing, interesting “international” topics for next year’s program, as well as the possibilities of partnership between the cities participating in the ISSS and the cities of the Transcarpathian region.

“The trip, albeit short, also brought acquaintance with some very interesting Ukrainian personalities in the fields of eGovernment and eTourism, who, we believe, will be recruited in the future to speak at the international part of the conference,” adds Dvořáček.

ISSS organizers visited Transcarpathian region in Ukraine