V4DIS 2018 was supported by the International Visegrad Fund

The fifteenth year of the conference V4DIS (Visegrad Four for Developing Information Society), which will be held in the days of 9 and 10 April 2018 as usual simultaneously with the national conference ISSS, was officially supported also by the International Visegrad Fund. At the two-day conference in the Aldis Congress Centre in Hradec Králové there will meet representatives of public administration from the Visegrad Four countries, who deal with the issue of society informatization, e-government development and public administration reform. They will meet local as well as foreign experts in this issue as well as managers of firms supplying their services and technologies to this segment. (more)

Final round of the JuniorErb (JuniorCrest) competition

Since 2008 there have met at the conference ISSS young creators of Web pages and representatives from expert firms, top politics as well as from local governments. There are also regularly awarded all finalists of this competition there. It includes the national round, the Plzeň Region round and the round of the Capital Prague. In addition to this there was held this year newly also awarding of the finalists of the so called regional round Other Regions (i.e. the regions where the regional round is not announced). (more)