Official announcement of ISSS/V4DIS 2020 organizers relating to “coronavirus”

, Česky

Preparations for this year´s ISSS/V4DIS continue. There are still 6 weeks left before the conference and we can rely on the full support of state authorities, public administration and all cooperating entities from the partnership structure.

We emphasize that this is primarily a national event, without the participation of any guest from the risk areas this year.

We are closely watching the current situation regarding the COVID-19 and, of course, we are prepared to respond in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic and to respect their instructions.

In case of any changes in connection with the conference, we will inform you immediately. We firmly believe that by 20 April the situation will be clarified, and we will meet with all those interested in the digitization of public administration in spring Hradec Kralove.